Booster Box EEVEE HEROES S6A Pokemon Cards Japanese (PREORDER)




You will receive a SEALED Japanese Pokemon TCG Eevee Heroes booster box containing 30 booster packs. Each pack contains 5 cards.

  • This set will contain 69 cards + ??? (SR cards or better)
  • This set will release on May 28, 2021

1 Booster box includes:

  • 30 packs
  • 1 pack includes 5 cards (plus 1 extra ”Nazotoki” quiz/puzzle)

Read more about Eevee Heroes here:

Japan Release Date: 28/05/2021 (Will be dispatched within 5-10 working days of this when we receive them here in the UK)

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 14.2 × 13.7 × 4 cm


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